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My name is Minh-Binh Tran. I was born on February 28th, 1985 in Vietnam. I am currently a Van Vleck Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin Madison.

I have been carrying on interdisciplinary researches, in collaborating with scientists from

Starting on September 1, 2016, this blog reflects my research program on Wave Turbulence and Quantum Kinetics.

1. Quantum Kinetic Theory (The coupling Boltzmann-Schrodinger system):

i) Kinetic equations approach:

ii) Dispersive equations approach:

iii) Dynamical systems approach:

iv) Quantum field theory approach:

  • The Peletmiskii-Yatchenko derivation: (joint work with Linda Reichl)

2. Dispersive waves:

i) Wave turbulence for capillary water waves (joint work with Toan Nguyen)

ii) Wave turbulence for stratified flows in the ocean (joint work with Leslie M. Smith)

Besides the above topics, sometimes, the blog is devoted to some of my works in Scientific Computing and Computational Sciences:

3. Our new iHDG (with simulations) – Iterative Hybridized Discontinuous Galerkin method (joint work with Tan Bui-Thanh and Sriramkrishnan Muralikrishnan)

For a complete overview on the other research directions of mine, please check my website http://www.math.wisc.edu/~minhbinh/